Yarn Support


Here at woollentwine we believe in a sense of community and absolutely love to collaborate with other makers. Joining creative forces with likeminded people who share our values and beliefs is something we thoroughly enjoy and value so much.

Therefore, we have a yarn support program where we offer designers who are inspired by our work to support them by providing them with the skeins needed for a design sample.

How this works: Feel free to reach out with your design idea, telling me what base and/or colour family inspires you. I will then be looking into what will work with our capacities and feedback you asap. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept every request and have to stick to a certain limit, both time wise and in regards of amounts of yarn. But we will always try to find a way, so please don't hesitate to contact us!

What we are looking for: For me, communication is the key to an enjoyable collaboration. So I am looking for people can commit to regular updates during the design process and are able to plan ahead realistically. It takes time to have yarn dyed and ready for when a test knits starts or a pattern is released so an honest and open communication about timings and capacities is very important to us.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out by using the contact form below. There is no need for a large social media following nor a big portfolio of previously released designs. We believe in supporting beginner designers aswell as experienced makers and as long as we share values regarding social equality, sustainability and inclusivity, we will welcome you warmly.

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