woollentwine is a little creative space and dyeing studio located in Northern Germany. We love to make and create with all kinds of natural fibres and want to share our ethics and admiration for nature with the world. We invite everyone to join us on our exploration journey through the world of natural dyes and pure wool and want to create a welcoming space for friends of fibrecrafts.


At woollentwine fibrestudio, we cherish natural materials and their properties just as they are. We don’t see a need to use artificial fibres or substances when there is something as wonderful and perfectly functional as pure wool. We are also inspired by the hues of nature and therefore use only natural dyes to create a colourful palette of woolly goodness.

Over the last couple of years we have also explored the love for local productions and build a network of people who keep sheep and lovers of natural, minimally processed fibres. By producing our own limited edition yarns, we are trying to minimise our environmental impact even more while also giving local wool value back, contributing to a healthier network all around wool.




dyeing process

Every skein in the shop is dyed by hand using natural dyes only. Dyeing with botanical extracts, leaves, barks and other natural goodies takes a lot of patience and is very unpredictable. They never produce fully repeatable results, so every dyelot is unique, which is beautiful and exciting.

By exhausting dye baths and reusing water as often as possible, we are always trying to keep the process as sustainable as possible and respect the resources we are using. Our dyeing process is carefully designed to minimise water and electricity usage, so we have the least impact on our planet possible.

When the yarn is dyed, we wrap and ship it using only packaging made from recycled materials that can be reused and recycled again.





natural dyes

Naturally dyed yarns tend to bleed when washing them for the first time. Especially darker colours might leave a hue in the washing water. When blocking your swatches or knits, always make sure to use a pH neutral detergent without bleach as some naturally dyed yarn can react heavily to pH changes.

Please also note that our yarns are handdyed, so the results are beautifully unique colours and can not be as solid as commercially dyed products.

We recommend to alternate skeins when knitting larger garments to avoid colour pooling. Some colour variegation in the skeins is perfectly normal when yarn is dyed with natural dyes and for us that is one of the beautiful features of it, making each skein very unique.





wool care

At woollentwine fibrestudio we are using yarns from 100% wool that has not been treated chemically or added any artificial fibres to. Natural yarns are prone to felt from temperature changes and agitation. Therefore it is recommended to only wash your knitted garments by hand, using a pH-neutral wool wash. Always lay them flat to dry.

For yarns dyed with Indigo it is normal for the colour to rub off when pressure is applied to the yarn during knitting. A blueish tint on your hands and needles might happen and that is perfectly normal and it can be washed off with soap and water.

If you need any tips on how to treat your naturally handdyed yarns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





colour accuracy

We are always trying to picture our colourways as accurately as possible and do not edit them heavily, so you can actually imagine how they look in real life. But please keep in mind that monitors sometimes show colours differently. 

Also, natural dyes really shift in different lights which is why it can happen that a colourway looks different in the morning from how it appeared in evening light. 

If you feel unsure about how a colour might reflect in the light or if you are having issues imagining colour combinations, please feel free to contact us anytime via email. We are more than happy to help you choose colours and potential combinations.