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Mini Skein Set - Lavender Haze

Mini Skein Set - Lavender Haze

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Inspired by Taylor Swifts 2022 album "Midnights" we curated these palettes of colors and bundled them into little mini skein sets. Each set contains six 20g skeins of our Ovis Sock yarn and is tied together with a little linen ribbon.

Needles: 2 - 3,0mm / approx. 450m per 120g set

Sourced and custom spun in the UK, non-superwash and nylon-free.

This yarn is a perfect mix of soft and rustic, combining all the wonderful properties of natural wool. Spun to a slightly higher twist for durability, it will keep your feet toasty but can also be worked into shawls or even sweaters.

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